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Reviews and Testimonials 

Christie M.

January 2022

"I am so grateful to have found Julie! She has been working with my daughter (first grade) for months and I'm very pleased with her progression. Julie creates clear goals to accomplish and works with my daughter using many techniques to get her there!"

Mary S.

May 2022

"Julie worked with my second grader with dyslexia for several months and I saw amazing improvement in my daughter's reading and executive functioning skills. Julie is kind, patient and professional yet stern when necessary. I have seen a significant growth in my daughter's reading and writing skills as a result. The curriculum that Julie uses is perfect for my daughter. I highly recommend Reading Reach."

Ashley B.

June 2022

"I would recommend Mrs. Julie at Reading Reach to ANYONE who has a child that needs to improve with reading, grammar and writing. I first met Julie at a homeschool event where she had a booth set up. She mentioned during our first conversation that she had a micro school and focused on children in the younger ages. Since I had a 12 year old (6th grader) I voiced my concerns regarding my son's reading and grammar and she offered help right away! She reached out to me within a couple days of the event and shared with me some ideas she had to improve my sons struggles. She made time in her schedule to tutor him once a week. What I love the most about Mrs Julie is that she understands that all children learn differently. Depending on the day my son had at school she would adjust her tutoring agenda to his mood to maximize his learning. She made it fun and always kept him on his toes! He has learned so many things from her and we look forward to continuing to work with her again."

Ryan R.

October 2022

"My second grader struggled with reading since kindergarten. The help she received from Julie at Reading Reach made a huge difference in her confidence and brought her back up to grade level. Julie could connect with my daughter and motivated her to do her best. I couldn't be happier with the results we received! My daughter now loves to read! Thank you so much!"

Liz V.

November 2022

"Julie is an amazing teacher and has a way with her students that really gets them engaged. My son is 4 and I was not sure he would get excited to learn but Julie tailored his learning to his developmental needs and the things he has learned astounds me. I can’t recommend Julie enough!"

Mary R.

November 2022

"Julie is a great teacher and reading resource specialist." - Mary Resenbeck, author of Take Charge of Your Child's Education

Kim M.

January 11, 2023

"We enjoyed Story time with Julie! Thank you, Reading Reach, for a fun story time event yesterday! My 3 and 6 year old children really enjoyed it! And then we walked around the beautiful neighborhood afterwards and went to the lifeguard tower to watch the sunset! It was a perfect afternoon!!" - on a Homeschool Collective forum

Yarred M.

February 2023

"Reading Reach is a wonderful place for children.
Ms. Julie is just the most wonderful and amazing teacher. I couldn't be happier that I enrolled my 3rd grader in her class." -Facebook

Madeline M., M.S. Ed.

April 27, 2023

"Every single aspect of Julie's lesson showcased her expertise in literacy instruction. She has a beautiful demeanor with her student. She knows when to step in, redirect, guide his thinking, and provide the space for him to process what he is learning. He was also engaged the entire time, which is evidence of Julie's lesson design and plan."

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