Reading Reach Homeschool Group Classes

Enroll your child in a small group class directed by a credentialed Reading Specialist and credentialed teacher in Oceanside. We use the Orton-Gillingham approach to teach students to read. We work on foundational reading skills such as phonics, phonological & phonemic awareness, spelling,  fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and proper letter formation/handwriting. Multi-sensory structured literacy and multi-sensory math is used for all students in our group class.  

Our classroom has a maximum of 10 students.

We have classes three days per week at our Jeffries Ranch/Meadow Creek Ranch Neighborhood Location (92057), and two days per week at a coastal campus location (92054).  Choose a flexible part-time schedule between the two locations. 

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Flexible Schedule - Choose between our two Oceanside locations. 

2 days per week - $299/month
3 days per week - $350/month 
4 days per week - $429/month 

We accept parent payments and Tootris funding (ask your employer if they offer this benefit). Inquire about charter funding. 


Reading Reach has two locations in Oceanside to choose from. 

Our first site is operated out of our founder's home classroom in the Jeffries Ranch/Meadow Creek Ranch Neighborhood area (92057). We will spend most of our time in our home classroom or  Spring Creek Park down the street.   Our director has pet dogs onsite (which are family-friendly), however students will not be interacting with the pets. 

Our second  location is in coastal Oceanside (92054).  There is a spacious outdoor area for learning and playing, an indoor classroom, and a multi-purpose room with a small stage for performances!  


With a small class size, we will meet each student at their level and challenge them to make progress while finding joy in learning. 


Students will make friends and gain social skills while having fun and engaging their minds in educational activities.  
Learning how to be kind and play fair with one another is a skill we will practice.

K-3 students

This program is best for children in grades Kinder-3rd, however students in grades 4-5 could possibly be approved (siblings or a child with reading difficulties).

Homeschool with support

Students attending Reading Reach classes can be homeschooled via their own PSA, through a PSP, or charter homeschool program.

If you are new to homeschooling and need help figuring out which legal homeschooling option is best for your family, we are here to give you the information you need to make the best choice for your family!

Download a guide to the legal ways to  homeschool in CA


Tours are available! After application is submitted, Reading Reach will contact you to schedule a tour. 

CLICK HERE to apply for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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